Escape Game Hacker"s Nest, The Chamber. Prague.
Escape Game Hacker"s Nest, The Chamber. Prague.
Escape Game Hacker"s Nest, The Chamber. Prague.

Escape Game Hacker's Nest

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 1200 Kč per team

About the game Hacker's Nest

Alan Winchester was young, rebelling computer geek who believed that the only cure for all the sickness, poverty, and wars on this planet, is a new beginning. He said people should build a new, better world where anyone could be happy. Unfortunately, he also believed that this can only be done by starting the ultimate worldwide conflict that will destroy the world as we know it, and reset the planet for a new era.

Alan has spent long years mastering his computer skills, because he knew this was the only way to pull something like this off. Finally, he managed to break all the security protocols and gained full access to U.S. Counter missile system. He immediately used his power and engaged the atomic missiles, aiming them on Russian federation. Secret agencies tracked him very quickly, but unfortunately, just before capturing him at the Prague airport, he managed to kill himself. His last words were “Now it’s done”. Czech secret agency BIS managed to locate his apartment in Prague, and they believe this place is the key to shut down his plan. And here you are, our brave agents. You will now enter his apartment in the heart of Prague, having no information at all…

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Address escape game Hacker's Nest

Prague, Bílkova 21, Praha 1
+420 777 ... Show phone number

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