Escape Game Medieval Dungeon, The Chamber. Prague.
Escape Game Medieval Dungeon, The Chamber. Prague.
Escape Game Medieval Dungeon, The Chamber. Prague.

Escape Game Medieval Dungeon

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 1500 Kč per team

About the game Medieval Dungeon

Do you miss some excitement? Come and try what it’s like to be a medieval prisoner. This game is not for sissies!

Shortly after you revealed the secrets of King Charles IV, you were suddenly kidnapped by couple of mysterious men covered in cowls. You were dragged into some very old-looking room with massive wooden table in the middle. There is a group of men, dressed in medieval-style clothes, who claim to be a criminal court jury of some very old cult that protects mysteries from the deep past.

Discovery of the secret chamber of Charles IV is considered by them to be a very serious crime, for which you are promtply sentenced to the capital punishment – death by fire. You just can’t believe this is real, but these men, who clearly still live in deep middle ages, soon prove they are dead serious. The guard takes you sternly down to what looks like a very old dungeon, where you are supposed to wait for the inevitable. Will you spend your last moments with self-pity, or you rise up and use your skills, teamwork and intelligence to escape?

The Medieval Dungeon is an ultimately immersive game full of surprises, unexpected riddles, and unique approaches to escape gaming. From the very start, there is a heavy immerse of an authentic, hundreds of years old prison filled with obscure instruments and pain of poor prisoners before you. The interiors are highly interactive and you should pay attention to every inch within.

Escape your comfort zone and experience the escape game, that offers way more than just solving paper cyphers and code padlocks. Become a real prisoner in The Medieval Dungeon!

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Address escape game Medieval Dungeon

Prague, Petrské náměstí 1, Praha 1
+420 777 ... Show phone number

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